Want to Know More?

If you’re interested in some of the resources I use in my journey towards becoming eco friendly, take a look below. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything off or if you have any interesting suggestions for me! This list might be short at the moment, but it’ll be ever-growing, and I’ll add to it whenever I find something new.



  • Our Choice by Al Gore
  • A Life Stripped Bare: My Year Trying to Live Ethically by Leo Hickman
  • How We Can Save the Planet by Mayer Hillman
  • The Digital Diet by Daniel Sieberg
  • Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth? ed. by Andrew Simms and Joe Smith
  • Plastic Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too by Beth Terry (see her blog below too)
  • CO2 Rising by Tyler Volk


  • Ebay: online marketplace.
  • Streetbank and Freecycle: more local than Ebay. Both based on the idea of giving away for free what you don’t need any more. You can also borrow or lend on Streetbank.
  • Etsy: virtual handmade marketplace.
  • Folksy: virtual British crafts marketplace.
  • Lush: fresh handmade cosmetics.
  • Handmade Norfolk Soap: does what it says on the tin, handmade soaps from Norfolk!
  • Ecover: cleaning products with no nasties.
  • Abel & Cole: organic food delivery service.
  • Riverford: organic food delivery service.


– Blogs focused on minimalism:

If you would like me to add your book/website/blog/any other idea to my list, then please let me know.

Take a look at my Pinterest page (particularly at the Going Green boards) for more ideas!


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