Sandwich Containers

This week I want to think a topic that I’ve been putting off for a while…the foil I’ve been using to wrap up my sandwiches every day. I suppose that because I can recycle foil where I live, I hadn’t before thought much about how much energy it takes to produce it. And foil is so convenient, so I’ve been sitting on this issue. I stopped using it, and then started again. A lot of energy is required to make foil (I really wanted to find an infographic showing this but the internet has let me down – do let me know if you find one!)

Today’s post is about the different alternatives I could use instead, although I’m still sitting on the fence a little about which one is best!

  • Recycled foil – this is so much better because recycling foil actually requires 95% less energy than it takes to make brand new foil! However, I’ve trying to move away from disposable options, so although this is a good option, it’s not the one for me.
  • Plastic container – e.g. Tupperware. This is what I’ve swapped to instead of using foil at the moment as it’s what’s already in the house, so it’s not costing me anything more. However, chemicals from plastic containers can leach into food, so if this is something that concerns you then this might not be the option for you, particularly if you’re going to be heating things up.
  • Stainless steel containers – there are a variety of these out there, such as LunchBots and Eco Lunchboxes. They come in different sizes, some with plastic lids, some with metal. I feel that this is the best option if you want to entirely avoid wrapping your food in plastic. I really like these, but I feel like they’d take up a lot of space, and because I have a long commute to work and back I would rather carry a smaller bag. I am definitely keeping my options open on these though as I think they’re a great idea.
  • Reusable sandwich wraps – there are a variety of these too, the Eco Snack Wrap being just one of them. They are designed to be reused again and again, but tend to incorporate some plastic to make them wipedown-able. But they do mean that you’ll be saving lots of foil/clingfilm/sandwich bags from the landfill!
  • Make your own – you could sew your own sandwich wrap, or even make your own out of plastic bags. Rachelle from My Zero Waste recommended this tutorial on how to make a recycled plastic sandwich wrapper. I do like this idea, but I feel a bit uncomfortable with it: the plastic bags would be unlikely to be entirely clean, and, as already mentioned above, heat (from the iron) would cause the plastic to leach out chemicals much more readily.

So these are what I feel are the most environmentally friendly options available to me for keeping my sandwiches all wrapped up throughout my day.

How do you carry your lunch around? I would love to hear about your experiences to help me decide which option I should go for! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Sandwich Containers

  1. I was raised with Tupperware (even did two stints as a Tupperware lady), and it is always my go-to storage. They have recently introduced sandwich containers that are hinged, so you don’t have to worry about the top and bottom getting away from each other. I don’t worry about the plastic leaching into the food…I’m not planning on keeping them in the sunlight in the car for days. – Fawn

    • I haven’t seen hinged Tupperware before, but sounds like a great idea. Fair enough about the leaching…I would love to get away from plastic altogether but at least I know Tupperware is sturdy and quite safe. Thanks for commenting!

  2. We started using these reusable sandwich bags called itzy ritzy ( I think they’re similar to the Eco snack wrap you mentioned. So, I know they have the plastic inside lining you’re probably trying to avoid. But they’ve been great for us and I haven’t had to use any plastic bags, plastic wrap, or foil for snacks or sandwiches since buying them. Good luck! I’m always looking for solutions to stuff like this as well. Keep me updated on what route you go. :o)

    • They’re really sweet, thanks for the link! I would like to avoid a plastic lining but at least those would last for a very long time – sounds like you have saved so much money and waste through using them! At the moment I’m still using my Tupperware but am leaning towards trying out a snack/sandwich wrap 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  3. I love my LunchBots. I also have some Abeego Wraps, pieces of fabric coated in beeswax, which you use in place of plastic wrap. You just wipe them down after using. My daughter bought some beeswax to make our own beeswax wraps, but we have yet to try it.

    • Ooh, great to hear from someone that uses them! They are so tempting so I might just need to search the charity shops for a bigger bag! Thanks for the Abeego Wraps recommendation, I hadn’t heard of that but will check it out.

  4. Well, you know what I use for packing my lunches 🙂
    Practical wise I’m a big fan of the lock & lock boxes as they are leakproof, dishwasher safe, and can be used in the microwave or for freezing. Plus the bento sets come with a cute carrier bag!

    • Haha, yes I know all about what you use for your lunches 😉 Yeah, I think lock & lock are what I’m leaning towards at the moment. I would love a LunchBots lunchbox but I’m holding off for now, and I’m going to see if my tupperware can satisfy me for now!

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