100 Happy Days #5

Continuing the 100 Happy Days challenge, here are my photos from last week…


The book I am reading this week.


Lovely to snuggle up in my pjs and dressing gown after a long day, tube delays and getting caught in the rain.


This is a cat who I see sometimes when I’m walking back from work…he likes to walk with me along part of the road 🙂


I follow a blog called Reduce Footprints, which sets a green challenge every week. I interpreted the challenge ‘Ban single use items’ to stop using brand-new post-it notes at work. Instead, I took in some old receipts that I can write on the back of (nothing with any bank details printed on, just in case). Since I didn’t have a choice about getting these receipts, at least I can use them for something else too!


One of my cats – she enjoys kneading the blanket before she settles down to sleep.


I went to the Science Museum on Saturday for the first time in a while – forgot to take any photos except this one of the logo on the map, but I had a good time.


What have you been enjoying this week?


7 thoughts on “100 Happy Days #5

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  2. I have heaps of used receipts all over the place with various lists on all of them – it drives my boyfriend crazy! We also get these annoying notepads in the mail box all the time from various real estate companies which I use…you’d think they’d be useful except we have more than we could ever use, so they clutter up the place. Especially when I use old receipts and envelopes anyway! We now have a “No advertising material accepted” which will hopefully slow down the stream.

    Anyway, I think using receipts and envelopes is far better than buying new paper : ) Do you have a binding machine at work? My friend takes all the printer discards, turns them back-to-front and binds them to make a A4 notepad. Once it’s full, she removes the binder part and uses it to make another one. And she’s not even super green!

    • Yes, me too, I have a lot of notepads but I also have so many receipts and lots of scrap paper so I tend to just use that instead. I love the idea of the binding machine – we don’t have one but I wish we did!

      • There’s always more scrap paper than we could ever use : / I am trying to start refusing receipts in shops now to try to reduce my paper. Plus I found out that thermal receipts are coated in BPA, so handling that means ingesting BPA, which isn’t something I want to be doing. It’s a hard habit to get into!

      • Yes, I do try to refuse receipts, but often it’s just not possible. I don’t mind using receipts for notes but I make sure I don’t put them in with paper recycling now I know about the BPA.

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