Think Again

I love a good infographic and thought this one was great for depicting how much we can save by rejecting disposable food packaging! No matter how often I see statistics and images like this it still shocks me!

using styro


4 thoughts on “Think Again

  1. My school uses Styrofoam and plastic quite a bit at lunch. Especially when they are short staffed in the kitchen and during cold and flu season. The district also claims that too many kids accidentally throw away the real silverware and costs the district lots of money. Personally, I believe it kids don’t learn the importance of being green at school where else are they going to learn it?

    • I completely agree. When I was at primary school we took our own lunches in and were encouraged to wrap our sandwiches in foil rather than clingfilm as the school told us they could get our foil recycled – and I still go by this (although I do tend to try and put my lunch in a lunchbox instead!) School is definitely the best place for kids to be learning about being green! Thank you for commenting 🙂

  2. Who doesn’t love a good infographic!? As you said, visualising this really puts the impact into perspective. Just think, this only shows the effects after 30 days….

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