Well, it was raining here in London when I left the house this morning, and my umbrella closed itself twice just as I was walking down the road! So I thought maybe it’s time for a new one … but is it even possible to get an eco friendly umbrella?

It seems there definitely are some possibilities! Obviously the cheapest and greenest option – going without an umbrella entirely – isn’t really something that appeals! But umbrellas made from recycled products such as plastic bottles are available (if slightly pricey!) Here are some of the ideas I’ve come across so far; I hope they help you to find the ideal eco umbrella!

  • WWF Eco Umbrella, £29.95 – the canopy is apparently made of 100% recycled plastic bottlesWWF Eco Umbrella. And it has the bonus of supporting a good cause too!
  • Remarkable, an online eco shop, sells a variety of eco umbrells, ranging from £23 to £40, the more eco friendly the more expnsive of course, unfortunately. I would be most tempted by the 100% Recycled Blue Umbrella, as it also had a bamboo handle and shaft. But do I really want to spend £40 on an umbrella? Not really…
  • For something a bit weirder, how about this Eco Brolly?  (Although I haven’t worked out where to go on the website to actually buy it!) Basically it’s a foldable frame that you can attach an item – newspaper, plastic bag etc. – to as the canopy. Quirkiest idea I’ve found so far!

But what if you don’t want to buy a new umbrella? Although I’ve never tried it myself, I’ve found a good guide online on how to fix a broken umbrella. This is the best solution to both fixing your umbrella and avoiding having to buy a new one!

When I started this post, I was focused mainly on finding a new eco umbrella, but I think I might try and fix my old one before I spend the money on something new! What do you think? Have you tried any of these suggestions or something similar?

Have a green week!


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