Recycle or Landfill? Plastic Bottles Infographic

I came across this on Pinterest today and wanted to share – I think it depicts really well the situation of plastic bottles in the UK, and how few are currently recycled here. (It’s rather biased towards Ecover, but I think they’re doing the right thing anyway!)
Ecover Plastic Bottles InfographicClick on the image to take a closer look.

See my previous post on Plastic Bottles for more about them and to discover possible alternatives!


3 thoughts on “Recycle or Landfill? Plastic Bottles Infographic

  1. Hi Joanna,

    Came across to your blog from my hoarder post (thanks for commenting) and spotted this. I have started re-using plastic bottles – and I’m proud to say we’re reaching a point where my husband and I argue over them! He wants them to take his drink to work (uses them for about a week before they go into the recycling) and I want them for various projects I keep finding online. I’ve bundled several together on pinterest:

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