Sorry for the gap in between posts!

This week I wanted to write about disposable straws.

I went to the cinema recently (we saw the Lego movie, it was great!), and I noticed that when we bought tickets and drinks they had a pot of plastic straws on the counter, all in their own individual clear plastic wrappers, for you to pick up for your coke/pepsi/whatever. With the disposable cups they give you for drinks, I can understand that you’ll need a straw – particularly if you’re going to be drinking it in the dark in the cinema!

But it’s so frustrating to see that all these straws are going to be used once, then abandoned in the cinema and thrown away destined for the landfill after one use. I don’t tend to use straws at home – I don’t really feel the need to – and I think that this approach should be one that we take with us when we go out anywhere. Think about refusing a straw in a cafe or restaurant: do you really need one?

If you like using straws, and don’t want to stop entirely, then I would recommend buying yourself a reusable one. Popular examples include those made of more durable plastic, stainless steel, or glass.  Your choice will depend on whether you want to give up the plastic option entirely, of course.

Personally, I think that, although a reusable plastic straw might not be the most environmentally friendly choice, if you’re going to go for one of these rather than using disposable ones, then this can only be for the better, as it does reduce the amount of plastic thrown away overall. (This goes for many other things too, such as reusable plastic bags, plastic lunchboxes or containers, reusable plastic bottles).

I’m not going to provide you with any suggestions for where to buy reusable plastic straws as I’m sure you can find them anywhere! If you’re after a stainless steel or glass straw, though, check out Eco-Straws, these stainless steel straws from or A Fine Choice (who also sell reusable lunch bags, sandwich wraps, water bottles and other things).


10 thoughts on “Straws

  1. This is such a great thought. I have been looking at all the things that we use that get thrown after just one use. And all the plastic! I did find a place that I could get paper straws. They even had lids for canning jars so that they could be used with the paper straws. I do like straws so this at least made me feel a little better since we recycle the paper. Thanks for the post. You always get me thinking.

    • I know, it’s so frustrating, and so many people just don’t even think about it! I’ve never heard of paper straws – don’t they have to be coated in something? Glad to hear it, thank you 🙂

  2. I have to admit I use some plastic, I’ve not gotten into the “no plastic zone”. I do however recycle! And when eating out, I use no straw, and at home – I use a proper plastic one that I reuse, and reuse, and…… 😉

    • Unfortunately I’m nowhere near being plastic-free yet, but writing about it makes me so much more mindful, so I’m managing to gradually cut down. (I had to buy a tube of toothpaste yesterday and I’m still feeling guilty about it!!)

      • Problem here in Norway is that there are no places that I know off where you can bring your own jars and bags and fill them. Everything is pre packaged 😦

  3. On a similar note, the one time I bought a ‘large’ (giant!) drink from the cinema, I couldn’t bring myself to throw away the massive cup so used it to keep pennies in! After cleaning, of course.

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