Sponges and Cleaning Cloths

I use a sponge every day in the shower, and I’m too ashamed to admit how long I’ve had mine for! So I decided it’s time for a new one, and I’m having a search around to see if there are greener options available. Just a quick search on Google found this Calypso Belle Body Sponge (downside: comes in a plastic bag) and an EcoTools Loofah Bath Sponge. There are lots of similar products around – just be aware of postage costs, particularly on Amazon, as they like to sneak those in when you go to pay!

(If you want to know more about the different materials that can be used to make eco-friendly sponges, have a look at this article here.)

I’ve also found on Etsy an idea which I hadn’t thought of – a handmade sponge! Here there are lots of crochet sponges for sale, or you could take the plunge and make your own. There are cleaning sponges as well as bath sponges on this site, so it caters for all your spongey needs!

Regarding eco-friendly cleaning sponges and cloths, there are a whole host of these around – you can probably find some in a large supermarket with the other sponges etc. I particularly like the idea of the e-cloth. These might not have zero impact on the environment, but the idea is that you can use them again and again – saving you from using disposable cloths, sponges and paper towels!

If you’re looking to save money, an even cheaper idea is to cut up old clothes and use the rags as cloths – you can then put them in textile recycling collections/bins when you’ve finished with them! And you can find plenty of patterns for knitted dishcloths too (for example, see this free pattern on Ravelry).

I haven’t yet decided where I’m going to get my new bath sponge from, but it’s great to know there are options out there! Or I could stop using one altogether! Have you got any more tips on eco-sponges and cloths? I’d love to hear them!


2 thoughts on “Sponges and Cleaning Cloths

    • Sounds perfect! Maybe cotton would be better than yarn as it’s less fluffy…I’ll have to do an experiment and see 🙂 Thank you!

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