Week 15: Computer Time

At the moment, I’m doing a full-time publishing and marketing internship, which means that I pretty much have no choice but to stare at my computer screen from 9:30am to 5:30pm. Then I often go home and stare at the TV, my laptop or my phone for at least part of the evening.

So this week, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge of cutting down the time I stare at screens in my leisure time. I feel that this is a good step to becoming more eco-friendly because it means I’ll be using less electricity, and hopefully will instead spend my time doing more productive and less carbon-fuelled activities.

My plan is to turn my work computer off for my lunch hour every day. Even during lunch, I often spend my time browsing mindlessly through Pinterest, Facebook or other websites. And these are things I don’t really need to be doing all the time. So I’ll turn off the computer and either spend my lunch eating and reading or writing, or I’ll eat and then go outside for some fresh air and a walk (this second option being the better one I think!)

For the time I spend at home, I’ll try to restrict my phone usage to texts or calls only. I’ll try to make a list of things I want to get done on my laptop and then set aside a specific amount of time (say, an hour or two) at regular intervals to try and make my laptop time more productive and less mindless.

I’ve just ordered a (second-hand!) book called The Digital Diet, which I’m really excited to start reading when it arrives! Hopefully it will build on what I’m planning to do this week and help me make my life revolve less around screens and electricity and more around things that are simpler and more enjoyable.

Give this one a try – it won’t be as hard as you think, and you’ll suddenly have so much more time in your day, plus you’ll be helping the environment without even realising!


8 thoughts on “Week 15: Computer Time

  1. Good luck for your digital detox! I highly recommend it! Go for a walk during your lunch break, do some drawing or reading or dancing in the evening. Listen to music. Clean your room. So many digital-free things to do out there!

    • Thank you! I’ve been trying to go for a walk at lunch time every day so I’m definitely going to continue that. I’m finding it harder to manage the detox in the evenings though, so your suggestions are helpful!

      • In the evenings I focus my time on making a nice dinner, then on reading self-development or spiritual books, I then write or make collages or watch a film with my partner, I finish the evening by preparing my things for the next day. And I hardly ever go to bed before midnight – time passes so quickly! Hope you will find soothing and interesting activities to suit your interests and lifestyle!

  2. Thank you for your advice – I practise yoga so I’m trying to make that a focus for my evenings. I tend to go to bed much earlier though!

    • That is because I’m silly, I’m afraid, and wrote the wrong title down! It’s actually called The Digital Diet, and it’s Daniel Sieberg. Apologies for that!

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