Week 14: Recycling a Mobile Phone

I’ve been doing a bit of clearing out recently, and found my 3 old mobile phones at the bottom of a drawer. I don’t buy a new phone very often – maybe once every 3 years or so – but even so, I’ve managed to build up a few! One of them is broken: the battery no longer attaches to the phone, so this week I’m investigating what to do with it next.

I found this good article on Recycle Now about how a mobile is recycled, which is useful! It tells you what  happens to the various different bits that make up a phone. And it also tells you if you can recycle it nearby! Luckily, there’s a recycling bank near me where I can recycle my phone, so I’m pleased about that!

If there’s nowhere nearby you can recycle yours, and you don’t want to scout around the country looking for somewhere, then you can try one of the numerous websites that offer cash for your old phone. Personally, I’d try the company you bought the phone from in the first place, but obviously check out what they’ll do with it after they’ve got it, as you don’t want to be selling it to someone who’s just going to throw it straight in a landfill.


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