Week 13: Storage Boxes

I was tidying up my craft stuff the other day (I make cards and occasionally scrapbook pages too), and I realised I’d forgotten I had half of it! It all gets buried in the plastic folders that I have, so it’s hard to see what I’ve got. So this week I’m looking at craft storage boxes to see what the best option would be. The same could also apply to jewellery boxes (lots of the ones I’ve found are actually jewellery boxes), tool boxes and anything else similar.

I’ve ruled out buying myself a plastic box, even though these always seem to have the features that would suit me best. Plastic is one of the things I really want to try and avoid as much as possible, since it’s so bad for the environment and hard to recycle. So I would only buy a plastic box if it was second hand. My aim was to find one box for embellishments and little bits and bobs, and one for ribbons. I decided that one of the greenest ways to get a ribbon box was to make one!

Ribbon Box - Before

So I found an old shoe box and covered it in patterned paper (which took longer than I anticipated!) I haven’t finished it quite yet, as I want to cover the inside and punch holes in the sides for the ribbons. This cost me hardly anything and it’s a very green option I think. Everything was already in the house so I didn’t have to buy anything!

Ribbon Box - After

For my other box, I’ve been looking at wooden ones mainly. I’m interested in this large wooden storage box and this wooden tea bag chest, but I can’t find anything listed about the source of the wood, so I’ll try to investigate that before I buy, as it would be great to have a sustainably-sourced box!

Failing that, maybe I’ll source some pre-used wood and attempt to make one myself!

Good luck with going green this week!


2 thoughts on “Week 13: Storage Boxes

  1. It’s very pretty! Well worth the effort I’d say. My favourite jewellery box actually came from a charity shop and is so beautifully made I’m hoping it’ll last for years.

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