Week 12: Headphones

I was going to write on a different topic this week, but a friend told me about some ‘earth-friendly’ headphones he’d just bought, so of course I had to go to HMV (where he got his from) to find some for myself!

I haven’t bought any headphones since my last ones broke a couple of months ago, because I hated the thought that I’d be buying a bundle of plastic (including the packaging) and chemicals that had to be thrown away afterwards into a landfill.

Marley headphones

But I’m really beginning to miss listening to music on the go, so I’m glad there are some ‘earth-friendly’ headphones out there!

The ones I bought were £19.99 from HMV and are produced by a company called Marley.  They also do over-ear headphones. The packaging states that they’re made from  recyclable aluminium, with a fabric-covered cord, and that they can be recycled when you’re finished with them (although this is something I’m a little dubious about, since they’re made up of so many different elements). They also came in a box made of recycled paper – although admittedly the headphones themselves were in a plastic tray to hold them together.

Still, I feel that this is, like my other topics, a step in the right direction! I don’t want to give up listening to music on the move entirely, but I felt reluctant to buy conventional headphones so this is a good compromise. I haven’t had them for very long yet so I can’t give you a proper product review, but the sound quality is good! They also come in different colours – as you can see, mine are pink and green; I couldn’t resist!


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