Week 11: Deodorant

I’m continuing my theme of toiletries by investigating deodorant this week. I’ve chosen toiletries because I’m trying to make small changes so that I don’t feel too overwhelmed. And this way I still feel like I’m making a difference to my life, however slowly.

My conventional Nivea roll-on deodorant is about to run out so I decided that instead of buying another similar one I would try and make the next one more eco-friendly.

The choices I’ve come up with are:

  • Switch to a deodorant in a glass container – this way it’s a bit more eco-friendly than a plastic one if you can recycle it afterwards. My Nivea is one sold in glass, although it does have a plastic lid.
  • Try a crystal deodorant – more natural than a conventional one. I’m afraid I haven’t looked into this much as this wasn’t the option I chose to go with!Lush's Aromaco Deodorant
  • Switch to one without any packaging – This was my choice, so I decided to buy an Aromaco deodorant block from Lush. It came as a solid chunk and only wrapped in paper. I’ve already had (negative) comments about its smell just from it sitting in the bathroom, and I think Lush could have made more effort with that! But so far I’m glad I don’t have the guilt of buying something encased in plastic. I may sing the praises of Lush fairly often in this blog – this is because they’re committed to trying to reduce their environmental impact. I talked to a helpful assistant about switching to one of their deodorants, and she recommended Aromaco because it’s the most similar to a roll-on. They also do powders, which I feel would be a bit more inconvenient and messier. After a few days of using it, though, I’m not convinced it’s doing the job better than my old deodorant, and it’s making me a bit itchy! I’ll give it a few more days and see how it goes…
  • Make your own. Make sure the recipe you find uses only all-natural ingredients: making your own doesn’t automatically mean that it’ll be eco-friendly. I’ve found some really good options for this, including a rose and lavender one, a homemade probiotic deodorant (this page also has some useful info about the nasties you get in most deodorants), and an antibacterial one . I think that with these you just have to try them out and alter them until you have something that suits you individually. If it doesn’t work out with my Lush deodorant then I’d love to give this a go.
  • Stop using it altogether (not for the faint-hearted!) I wouldn’t even consider this to be honest – I think I’d smell too bad!

How’re you doing with your efforts to go green?


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