Week 7: Reusing Old Clothes

Today’s topic is what to do with old clothes (thank you to my sister Lauren for the topic suggestion this week). Here are my favourite ideas:

  • Give good quality, unwanted clothes to charity shops or jumble sales (or to a family member or friend who wants them!) Charity shops are always short of donations, so this will always be appreciated. And if you want to buy cheap clothes, charity shops are a good place to start.
  • Turn them into hankies (see Week 5: Tissues).
  • Make unwanted t-shirts into bags. I’ve found several tutorials for making tops into bags; the most useful one was this tutorial on The Art of Doing Stuff blog. You could also turn them into produce bags with holes in, as demonstrated in this Knit Produce Bag tutorial, which I think is an absolutely brilliant idea to help you start cutting those small transparent plastic bags that supermarkets supply out of your life!
  • You can even turn your old clothes into strips and weave them to make something like this T-Shirt Yarn Bag or this fun summer placemat. (If you want more ideas on making placemats then Tipnut has some great ideas).
  • Cut them up into rags and use them for dusting and cleaning instead of buying brand new cloths – makes use of your old clothes and saves you money!
  • Unravel old knitted clothes and use the yarn to make something else.
  • Turn them into other items of clothing: e.g. turn jeans into shorts, or a long-sleeved top into a strappy one. I’m not much of a sewer (yet!) but I’m sure there are plenty of resources, both in print and online, out there that could help you with this.
  • Of course, if they’re too old or damaged to do anything with, then the best thing is to recycle them. My council offers household textile recycling, but you can also take them to a local recycling centre, or put them in clothes and shoes recycling bins that can often be found in supermarket car parks.

I hope you find at least one of these useful for reusing your clothes! Let me know if you have any more ideas to add!


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