Week 4: Toilet Paper

At first glance, toilet paper seemed like an easy topic to tackle. There are a fair number of partly or wholly recycled toilet paper rolls you can buy. I’ve just started using Andrex Eco, which I find works perfectly well for me (although some of my family members have complained that it’s a bit too rough – comes down to personal taste!) It’s made of 90% recycled fibre and 10% natural bamboo.

Velvet do a scheme where they plant 3 trees for every 1 that they use, but their toilet paper isn’t made of 100% recycled material. But it is a step in the right direction!

I’ve also rather excitingly just discovered that Nouvelle do a Nouvelle Soft roll that is made of 100% recycled material!

[Edit: Since writing this post I’ve also come across Ecoleaf Toilet Tissue, another good-sounding alternative.]

Lots of brands do similar products, so I think the best thing is to have a peer around in your supermarket and see what you can get.

But, the problem that I forgot to take into account was the plastic packaging! Every roll of toilet paper I have ever seen is encased in plastic. And, to be honest, you really do need it packaged in something, for hygiene purposes. So I’ve done some Googling. Unfortunately, unless you’re prepared to go down a different route (reusable cloths come to mind, but this really isn’t something I want to do!), it seems that buying your recycled loo roll in bulk to reduce the plastic:product ratio is probably the best you can do.

The only one I’ve come across – which I haven’t yet tried – is this Maxima Green 2-Ply Toilet Tissue from Staples, which comes in a box. Definitely something I’m going to try in the future!

Have you found any good options?


6 thoughts on “Week 4: Toilet Paper

  1. I use cloth. Or Wee Wipes as I do only use them for urine but I know more than a few people that use cloth for all their toilet needs. I made them myself, so soft to use and they just go in the wash like everything else.
    I have just found your blog and am enjoying looking through it. Have read lots of older posts that I have been tempted to comment on…might go back and do so later on.


    • That’s definitely an option to go down…thanks for your advice, it’s good to hear from someone who uses cloth! Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog; feel free to comment when you like!

  2. I tried to convince my hubby to use recycled toilet paper. I really did. He goes through a lot of it, and it’s disturbing to think about flushing forests away, especially since tp isn’t much good for the sewer system either. But I failed. We buy huge bulk rolls from Costco, something like 36 double rolls in each plastic bag. So there’s that. And I have convinced him to throw tissues and tp used for non-butt-wiping purposes into a bin to be added to our green waste – our county composts garden and food waste and shredded paper and soiled tissue and paper towels. So we’re doing better than the average household. And we cut our paper towels into quarter sheets to avoid waste there. But yeah, I decided not to fight on the bum wiping paper. I use the least I can reasonably use most of the time, and leave it at that. We all have to pick our battles when we’re dealing with other people.

    • That’s the same with me – none of my family have started using it, so I know how frustrating it is! I really like the compost idea for your tissues, though. I try to use hankies rather than tissues, but inevitably I still use tissues occasionally.
      Ha, totally agree with picking battles. I know that for my boyfriend, telling him something will save him money in the long term is likely to win his support, so that’s what I focus on when trying to convince him of something 😉

      • I’m amazed at some of the things I’ve eased hubby into – like reusable shopping bags. Never thought he’d go for them. But it turned out he just hated the floppy ones. Once we got some with squared bottoms he was committed. They’re actually easier for a former pro-bagger like him.
        I have a friend who uses hankies, but I grew up using them and I had horrible colds and allergies… so I have a really strong gross snot association I can’t get past. Luckily I don’t get sick much any more so I hardly need to worry. I did use a hanky for hand drying when I lived in Japan, but I couldn’t get the habit to stick in the US. Maybe I will try again. (Mostly I just use my hair and clothes! very green – lol)

      • That’s fair enough about the hankies. I love using them but I completely get the gross-ness (my sister shares similar feelings!)

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