Week 3: Lip Care

I use up a lot of lip care products. My lips always feel dry, and I used to use my lip salve compulsively throughout the day. I also couldn’t sleep well without my lips caked in a balm (which I would then reapply every time I woke up during the night). I’ve used a lot of different brands, including Nivea, Lypsyl, Chapstick, Vaseline, Boots Essentials … generally whichever one is cheaper and sounds like it’ll taste nice.

Now I’m trying to go green and save some money, I’ve decided I need to do something about my compulsive lip balm use, similar to my decision about shampoo use (see Week 1: Shampoo post). So for the past 2 weeks I’ve been going cold turkey, and stopped wearing lip balm altogether. It’s not something I’ve really enjoyed: my lips got very dry, and I kept biting them, which made them sore too. I applied a Nivea body lotion once or twice a day to make sure they didn’t get too bad, but that was it.

It’s definitely getting easier, and I feel that I’m going to be saving a small amount of money by not having to repeatedly buy lip balm. But my lips are still dry, so I’ve decided to start using my lip balm again, twice a day. I’ve decided to do this after I’ve brushed my teeth, because that gives me a nice bit of routine, and I like routine.

Okay, back to the eco-friendly element of this particular challenge. I’ve decided that I’ll use up the lip salves I have before I go investing in an eco-friendly version. Judging by the lip dryness I’ve been experiencing, I don’t think I should cut lip care out altogether. So the main options are:

1. Just stick to body lotion or moisturiser if my lips get very dry;
2. Buy a natural or organic lip balm;
3. Make my own.

Most balms made of more natural ingredients are very expensive, but here is a small selection:

  • Lush (various options: it’s around £5.50 for 8g of Lip Service Balm)
  • The Body Shop (£4.00 for 10ml of 100% Natural Lip Roll-On)
  • cutECOsmetics (Balm Balm is £3.50/7ml, Crazy Rumours Lip Balm is £3.25/15oz)

Be aware that all of these come in plastic cases, so it’s up to you whether you’re happy with this. There are loads more options if you want to shop around! For me, this is about cutting down on chemicals and packaging, so as with my shampoo I’d be inclined to buy from Lush again because it comes in a little metal tub. The Lip Service Balm also seems to be made from entirely natural ingredients. So this is the one I’ll be going for if I can bring myself to part with £5.50 for it!

I’ve also found a couple of recipes for making your own chapstick: see Rambly Blog or The Elliot Homestead . Again, a good search on Google will probably come up with a lot of these, so have a search around to find the best one for you. I don’t want to do this yet because the recipes make quite a lot and I don’t want to end up getting reliant on it again. For me, I think that buying a slightly more expensive balm might help to make me more conscious about how much I use it, so that I will only use it when I really need to, rather than constantly.

This is definitely an issue that will affect me a lot! Good luck with your efforts!


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