Welcome to Every Week is Green

Hi! Welcome to my new blog. I’m Joanna, and I’ve set up this going green blog due to my frustrations about the lack of any global efforts to counter the effects of climate change and help make the planet a better and safer environment to live in. Negotiations among politicians continue but no lasting agreements are reached.

My hope is that the more people there are who put in the effort to make their lifestyles more eco-friendly, the more likely it is that politicians will take more notice and realise that this is an issue we do actually care seriously about.

Like most of us, I don’t have endless money to be spending on expensive ways to cut waste or generate energy, so my focus is going to be on exploring a different area of my life each week and trying out ways to make positive changes without parting with a great deal of money. Living with my parents also means that some things in my life are currently out of my control, such as energy suppliers.

To help me on my way to doing this, I’ve decided to lay out some rules to guide myself. Here are my guidelines:

  • I will use up/keep items that I already have, even if they are not eco-friendly.
  • I will try and source items made from and packaged in eco-friendly materials wherever possible.
  • If this isn’t possible, I will buy clothes, books, DVDs and CDs and as many other things as possible from second hand and charity shops, unless an essential item (such as a uniform or a book for study) cannot be found this way. Some items of clothing I might be prepared to knit for myself. I will also borrow items from friends or libraries as much as possible.
  • I will try and make a lot of things myself – such as cleaning products – to avoid the chemicals and packaging that I will otherwise be spending money on.
  • Items I will exempt from my move to go green:
    • Gifts: including books, CDs, bath sets, clothes, gift cards or vouchers, among other things (as long as I haven’t requested them).
    • Medication.
    • Glasses.
    • Contact lenses.
    • Items that I need (e.g. uniform, as above), that I cannot get eco-friendly or second hand.
    • Items that I already have.

Obviously I’m not an expert on any of the topics I’ll be exploring. My tools will be the internet, books, and the information given to me on packaging and by businesses.  My posts will explore the issues from the point of view of me, an everyday human being, who might not necessary have access to all the information she needs, but who is prepared to explore new options for her life.

I hope you enjoy my blog as I work towards going green each week! Any helpful comments, suggestions or recommendations are appreciated.


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